Bodyfit: Build a strong base from the core out.

Bodyfit is a whole body fusion exercise class. This hour long class is designed to be modified to the individual based on their fitness goals.

We gently warm up with dynamic head to toe joint articulations. We then proceed to calisthenics that you might remember from gym class.

While our aerobic state is elevated we transition quickly into stability ball and mat-work based core exercises. Toward the end of the class we focus on resistance Full Range of Movement strength work.

Lastly, we cool down with static and dynamic flexibility movements. All exercises can be modified to test top tier athletes or build a balanced body that is ready to go next level.

Body Flow

Strength, cardio-respiratory & flexibility just like Body Fit but we’ve notched it up a bit. Appropriate for more advanced students.

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Come get limber and fit with our certified Bikram yoga instructor Alison! Join us for a series of 26 postures scientifically designed to work the entire body, from the inside out. Restoring all systems to healthy working order. Drop-Ins are welcome!

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